This blog post will guide you through the process of install Swift for Tensorflow on Ubuntu 18.04 (Local Machine/VM instance) and Start Coding with Swift on the Jupyter Notebook like you do in Python for Tensorflow. Step 01: Installing CUDA There are several versions of Swift-TF available to install as you prefer. Namely (on 30th March 2019), CPU only version, CUDA 9.2 version and CUDA 10.0 version. This section is only focused on CUDA installation.

Neural Style Transfer Explained

Welcome Everyone to the journey into Neural Style transfer. Let’s dive. 😃 Level one : Introduction With the rise of Deep Learning technology people invented awesome things using this technology. Neural style transfer (aka Artistic style transfer) is one of the amazing works. It is introduced in 2015 by Gatys et al. I’m not going to make you sleepy by discussing details in the paper at this level. Let’s talk about the things can be done using the technology.